Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween is for the kids, afterall.

The girl started out as a faux fur, tiara, red wigged wearing Ariel, and she ended the night only wearing the mermaid outfit. The stroller was piled high with whatever she had discarded along the walk.

We let her loose on the unsuspecting goodwill neighbours handing out candy to the neighbour kids. I stood on the sidewalks, out of ear shot, to be certain NOT to be embarrassed by whatever came out of the girls mouth. However, at one neighbours house, who lives DIRECTLY across the street, she said, "This house smells STINKY", in her high, pitchy LOUD voice. I am not sure if the lady heard. I sure hope not.

The boy flapped his wings at anyone who paid him any bit of attention. Telling one and all he was a fruit bat. The brave boy he is refused to go near the two haunted houses that our in our neighbourhood. I dragged him into one. Told him to cowboy up, I did. You wonder why we've nicknamed this child Niles, (Fraser Cranes uptight little brother)

The baby, decked out in the boy's old Mickey Mouse costume, (I decided to save myself some time), just laid in his stroller and stared at all the sights. Not a single peep for the entire hour and a half we trick or treated. Nice.

All in all, it was a great night, not too bad weatherwise. Tons of cute costumes. I saw a little chicken and her parent was dressed at Colonel Sanders. Friggin cute. Tons of princesses and pirates.

Now its time to pack it all away again, store it under the stairs, where the spiders live, (In fear, Muahahahaah,

Happy Halloween!!

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