Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Girl Makes a Christmas List

Okay, so now that Halloween is done and over, all concentrations go to Christmas. We sat the boy and the girl down, pens in hand, wish book on the table and began the yearly process of figuring out what the heck these kids want for Christmas. The boy asked for typically boys things, legos, pirates, dinos, and games. The girl, well that was something different entirely.

The Girls Christmas Wish List

  • A Unicorn that flies with pretend wings that eats an apple
  • Ariel Barbie
  • Pretend doughnuts
  • Little Pet Shops
  • Polly Pockets
  • Tamagachi
  • Something else that is a honker thing that makes a noise like honk honk honk
  • Pretend Candy
  • Pretend Jumper Ballerinas that fly and dance
  • Something that growls like a cheetah
  • A mittenglove
  • Pretend Yogurt
  • A teddybear that cuddles me, with buttons and says hello.
  • A mouse that squeaks squeaks squeaks

Seriously, can you imagine the look on the toyrsus's clerks face when I show them this list?

Now we spend the next few weeks trying to decipher what the heck she means.

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