Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Egos,and Misses

Sunday, my son comes down the stairs, dressed to the nines for church, in a white button down, army green cords and a black tie with little white dogs all over it. He had his hair slicked down. Maybe, just a little too slick. He says to me, "Mommy, look, I did my hair myself. I sure look handsome today."

Apparently, confidence is not an issue in this family. Just ask my daughter.

A few months back, Grandpa said to her, "Such a pretty girl"

The girl - "There's no one prettier, Papa"

We are so in trouble.


On friday, I picked the boy up from school. He has a birthday party to go to on Saturday for his one classmate. Another child, a favorite of the boy's, can not go.

The boy: Sarah is not coming. She's going to see Miss Asauga. But I don't know who she is.

Me: Um honey, Mississauga is a place near Toronto. Its not a person.


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