Monday, November 13, 2006

A BioTerrorist Lives Among Us

We're recovering from a NORWALK like virus that passed through the entire family, including the baby. It was a nasty one. All five of us, laying on the futon in the playroom, myself, wondering if I should make sure the details of our will were finalized.
We lived off Gatorade and chicken soup broth. Not much else. I am just very very thankful we have two bathrooms.

The boy, as sick as he was, stressed over missing school. He's in Sk, I just hope he feels this way when he's in the higher grades.

The girl is always the first to get sick. The girl likes to share and thus ensures she passes it on to the rest of us. We are so lucky. Her fascination with public washrooms and touching ever germ laden surface absolutely EVERYWHERE we go, has a lot to do with it. Taking her to a public washroom is an overly stressful task for the husband and I as we are both germaphobes. No matter who much we've tried, we can not instill a fear of touching things in bathrooms and we still have to fight with her to wash her hands, or for us to even to do it for her. Its a daily fight that never seems to end. WHY??? I ask someone to explain to me the fascination with toilets?


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