Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tormented From Birth

Have you ever thought about the mobile hanging above your baby's crib and the permanent damaged we've inflicted?

Seriously think about it. This poor creature begins his life in a blob of a body that he can't control, yet mysteriously his limbs move constantly. He can't do nothing more than stare in those first few months. Stare at the colorful, tempting, swinging toys that hang cruelly above his head, just out of reach. He tries in vain, staring at them intently, willing his limbs to just reach up ever so slightly, to try and bat those taunting and annoying things. He must spend hours plotting the demise of those objects, if he were to ever get his hand to actually grab one.

And after all this, what to we do? As soon as he can reach them, we remove the mobile from the crib.

First biggest let down in this tiny guys' life.

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