Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sugar Daddy

We took the kids to see the Santa Claus parade. Night time parades are the best. All the floats are lit up with an array of christmasy twinkle lights. Nice way to kick off the Christmas season. The only downfall, its friggin cold. You really really need to bundle up.

Our Saturdays are busy. We have dance in the morning, soccer in the afternoon and errands to run. This weeks soccer game was at 4pm, over at 5pm and then we had to feed the wild ones and get to the parade, in another city, for 6pm.

So we were late. Very, very late. We got there in time to see a couple of floats and of course the big guy in red. The girl was happy. The boy was not. He wanted to see more. We bribed him with donuts and hot chocolate at the local coffee shop.

Grandma met us at the coffee shop. She asked the girl what she though of seeing Santa.

The Girl: He's cute.

The girl loves fishing and always wants to go with her Uncle, who is an avid fisherman. He was over visiting today.

The Uncle: Ask Santa for some fishing boots.

The Girl: I am and I am going to the North Pole to see all the toys. And then I'm gonna catch a ride home with the "cute bugger" so I can see my house and go in the chimney.

The Uncle: How are you getting there?

The Girl: Daddy's car, but I'm driving.

Fast forward 17 years and we have this vision of our 20 year old daughter dating men who look like Santa. Oh the horror.

Santa, you really ring my bell.

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