Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You've got the cutest little baby feet

I am a little obsessed with taking photos of my kids. What? You didn't notice?

With so many photos, I decided to take up scrapbooking. I thought it was such a cool way to record their early moments in all that glorious colour and cuteness. Not that I am anywhere done the boy or the girl's first year. I've yet to even start the baby's. I do have his book though. I got that far.

I spent a small fortune buying all the crap. The tools, the papers, going to crops, dragging EVERYTHING with me. Now that is all changed. I've recently discovered digi scrapping. I am OBSESSED. So much easier than dragging out a bunch of totes filled with paper, pens, stickers and tools. All I need is my trusty laptop. I am so there. My kids might get their books finished yet.

Now while perusing through my older kids book, I noticed a little pattern. There are many, many photos of cute little baby feet. Then while perusing through the baby's pics still imprisoned on my laptop, (which now must number around 2000 and he's just 7 months old, Thank-you EVIL digicam) I noticed it again. Lots of little baby feet. I just love little baby feet. Baby feet are just so adorable. From tiny, wrinkled newborn feet to pudgy 7 month old baby feet. I just can't resist.

Looking at these photos, its amazing how fast they grow. Guess I better go and start his scrapbook.

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