Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ghosts, Witches, and....... Dilana?? OH MY!

The pumpkins were carved, the decorations were hung, the costumes were completed, and the food...well...I spent so much friggin time getting my hair just right, I was still making crap when the guests started to arrive. Hey, I had to put THREE colours in it. Nothing permanent, but now I think I am going to get my hair done in black and blonde. Fun!

After a two year hiatus, our infamous Halloween Bash returned, but it was more of a small gathering this time round. Which was a nice change from the 45 - 50 people we had attend the last time it was held. We were in a small condo then, it was, shall I say, cozy. This year we have the big house, but we've all since become Parents, and with that the whole going out when you want thing goes out the window. Many of the original attendees could not attend and were missed, but those who did come, we had a hell of a lot of fun. For those of you who could not attend, there's always next year.

There was B with her martini on the go, S with her whiskey in a flask, Sz with her apparent LOVE of my roasted pumkin seeds (you missed a whole big bowl in the basement). My pumpkin seeds are coveted around here.

We had a few new faces who turned out to be so much fun. There was a witch who tried her damnest to be sexy, "that was my sexy look", a cleavage war (I so won), tons of food and laughs and conversations which again, I can not share here. I wore a corset(tks to Sh corset collection!), I could barely sit, but I looked good. Isn't that what its all about. My husband was Larry the cable guy, a real stretch for him, we had a ghost, a super fat ballerina, an 80's chick, a 50's chick, a renaissance lady, a witch and myself, Dilana do ya wanna. The rest came as themselves. I let them off easy this year. I must be mellowing. I have two huge totes filled with cosutmes, and normally I get to dress those who dare enter my house sans costume. Next year.
Consider yourself warned.

The Photos

Lovint the 80's makeup. Who knew they still made pink frosted lipstick.

The lady - Note: The friggin ugly curtains and ugly green paint are from the previous house owners. NOT MINE.

Dilana Do ya Wanna!!


Pyshco Self Portrait

The lady enjoys an aftereight martini.

The Girls

The Kissing Witch

Yah, I am so cool...

I LOVE the socks!!

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