Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Preparations and Spider Wars

I braved the storage room under the stairs to drag out the boxes of Halloween decorations and costumes in preparation for our big Halloween Bash. I hate basements. Especially the storage area of one. While dragging out the crap, I spotted WAY too many free loading creepy n GROSS spiders hanging around down there. I took care of it with a rather large work boot, the buggers. Only good spider is a dead one. Or even a fake one. Fake I can do. Live I simply can not tolerate. Generally I DON'T do the squishing. I holler for my husband to take care of it. However, he has the nerve to work daily and leave me to fend for myself. It wasn't as simple as pick up boot and squish. There was a rather especially embarrassing moment of screaming and running from the storage room like my ass was on fire. I pondered my options, sucked it up and went back, large steel toe boot in hand, said a little prayer and frantically pounded the buggers to pulp. I felt much better.

Later that day, with the help of a great friend, the decorations are just about done. We have a fireplace now and its looks wicked all done up. We still have some things to put up as well as spreading the fake cobwebs over every inch of my house. That and the big grocery shop to get all the goodies.

Tomorrow night, we have an army of family and friends coming over to carve the gazillion pumpkins lining our front porch. This is a yearly event, as my kids are still little and need help with the carving. Then we roast the seeds. Yum! The only issue I have is the feeling of the pumpkin innards...freakin disgusting.

Our costumes are ready to go. The kids have been wearing them proudly. When I finished the girl's mermaid costume, I had her up on my sewing table. I put on her bright red wing and the tiara I made her.

Me: " There you go little girl, your all done"
The girl: "Mummy, call me ARIEL now. (in the snottiest tone all her three little years could muster)

The she snobbishly brushes her hair back and asks to be put on the floor. She struts off to model for the family members that were visiting. She too admonished them for not calling her Ariel. We live with a Diva.

The boy is a bat. I've tried to convince him he is a Vampire bat, but he keeps insiting he is a FRUIT bat. A FRUIT BAT!!! The rest of the boys are going to be Aliens, pirates or super hero's. My son is a Fruit Bat. Nice.
He is also convinced he can fly when in costume or hang upside down like a real bat. We've had some near misses and long conversations of how fake wings don't make a boy fly. EVER. Not off coffee tables, not off chairs, or even loft beds. Next year, nothing with wings.

Have a great Halloween Party weekend. I know we will.

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