Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"THE" Post Weekend Post

This past weekend was planned a couple of months ago. It was a weekend that has been in the making for the past twelve years. I left Sudbury after College, but my best friend remained behind. We stayed in contact and I've been to Sudbury twice since to see her. However, due to life being life, we hadn't seen each other in 8 years, since our weddings. We were long overdue.

With that ,this past weekend was a mixture of hugs, laughs, walks down memory lane, sickness, drinking, embarrassing photos, didn't I mention the laughs? Truly an kick ass girls weekend. The girls are anxiously awaiting this post I am sure. With baited breath. Really.

Things I learned from this past weekend.

  • People from Sudbury may be part reptile and can not feel the cold.
  • Gay waiter's are a lot of fun. STELLA!!!
  • Liqour Stores in Toronto are busier than anywhere else.
  • P spills more drinks than I.
  • P falls off beds.
  • Sirens run aprox. every 5 minutes when your trying to sleep.
  • P's crazy curly hair can be straighented.
  • Coke mixed with coffee IS NOT a good thing. Even if it was free.
  • My purse smells like beer and coffee and coke all at once. Interesting.
  • The Eaton Center sucks for shopping.
  • Hotel beds are very very comfortable.
  • Hot steamy baths makes a girl feel better.
  • I can't remember shit.
  • Its good P and I were friends...she holds all my memories.
  • B brings good shit. Chocolate martini's and cool is she?
  • Everyone likes spinach dip.
  • P and B are linked comiscally thru music.
  • P can dance.
  • I can walk in stilletto's, well. No matter how sick I get.
  • S can pick up famous people....Right Said Fred? No? What????
  • S is broken hearted that I like Clam Chowder better than Signal Hill.
  • Gracies is an awesome pub.
  • No matter what weekend we stay in Toronto, there will always be a marathon preventing us from leaving on Sunday.
  • I have awesome friends.
  • Time and distance does not change friendships, only makes them better.

P it was loads of fun, despite me being ill. I agree we should make it a yearly thing. The girls and I are even willing to brave the cold cold temperatures and head north to you! ha!

There are even more embarrassing photos below. And yet more on my laptop....hehehe....


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