Thursday, September 27, 2007

TFB tries on a new hat.

When bored, (it happens after all three kids are in bed and you justdon't feel like doing housework..again!) I skim the Internet looking for some fun blogs to read. In those travels, I've come across many theme blogs. By theme, I mean blogs all about making motherhood easy, ways to relieve stress, Fast and Easy recipe blogs, Household Tips and Hints blogs etc etc. I got to thinking about how TFB is just a hodge podge of whatever crap enters my head or whatever pics I feel like sharing. Maybe TFB could be more than that. Maybe I could use TFB to offer more than my crappy sense humour.

Like since I never have time, as the name TFB suggests, maybe I could turn this into a blog about useful time saving tips for other moms.

I could be the new Fly Lady.

Except TFB style.

TFB Top Ten Time saving Tips for the frazzled TFB Mom's
out there.

1. Fast Food Flyer's/Cooking : Buy a binder and store all the fast food flyer's that come in swarms on the weekends and store those suckers in there. It will keep your counter top or junk drawer neat and seeing as were all about saving time, forgo cooking and just order in. It will be so easy to just flip through, saving time. Whose really has time to cook anyways?

2. Dishes: This is easy, Nag Nag Nag your husband until he buys you a proper dishwasher. Even better, if your kids are of age, totally make it their "duty". As soon as the boy and the girl can, they will be. You can count on it!

3. Grocery Shopping: DO NOT TAKE THE KIDS. Honestly grab a babysitter if you need too. Its worth the money to be able to just wander up and down those isles at a snails pace, not threatening little Johnny or Susie Q that if they don't behave your going to send their arses to china. don't forget to buy ready to go food! They even sell the veggies all chopped up now! Think of the time you'll save! (This is about time saving, not money with me)

4. Laundry: Buy enough socks and undies for at least three weeks or more. Then your not stuck doing laundry every single week. T shirts and pants can be worn more than once. Convince your kids to start
some new trends...inside out is the next big thing!!

5. Phone: First, call display is a must. Then you can avoid wasting your time with telemarketers, and those people who talk for hours. You know the ones I mean. Those Aunt Betty's of the world who feel the need to discuss their very intimate details of their health to the point where they have you turning green and faking your own mystery illness just to get off the damn phone. If you need to contact someone, do it through email. Then its on your terms and you can make it short and sweet. Email is a gift. Use it!

6. Yard Work: There must be a teenage boy in your neck of the woods looking to earn a little cash. Think of it as doing a good deed. Helping that kid with his pot school funds.

7. Bed Time Routine: Pick a time, stick to it. Get the older kids to assist the younger kids. Convince the kids how much more fun showers really are compared to boring old, sitting in your own filth baths. Trust me, grossing them out about germs works!!

8. Floors: sweep every other day, mop only where people can see. Who cares whats under stuff..who looks there? Convince your six year old how much fun vacuuming really is. It worked for me!

9. Home Repairs: Hire a GOOD professional. The only way its going to get done, done fast and done right the first time. Instead of walking over tools and discarded materials for months and having doors of cabinets "mysteriously" pop off. Not only will you save time, you will also save your marriage.

10. ???

There are only nine, because I simply don't have time to come up with a tenth one.

So, ya, um...maybe this whole time saving thing really isn't going to take off for TFB...

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The Mama said...

You are sooo soo fun...but so true. I love moving slowly down the isles at walmart with no kids.