Monday, September 03, 2007

The beach is the bees knees.


Last weekend before school starts.

The social invites came in, but we decided against being away, choosing to stay close to home and just hang with our kids. With the boy starting grade one this year, he will be gone the entire day and of course the girl is starting JK, and she will be gone mornings.

On one hand I feel a little like celebrating,(WAHOO!) as I will have just the baby in the mornings, and just the girl in the afternoons while the baby sleeps. Life will be just that "tiny" bit quieter. On the other, I am a bit sad that my boy will now be gone for full day


I know, this is the moment we moms are all supposed to celebrate and look forward to. I am bucking up now. Seriously. Besides, I only said a bit.

Okay, so we thought a great end of the summer thing to do would be to pack a picnic lunch and take the kids to the beach. So after chasing Colin, packing all the beach crap, a decent lunch, removing Colin from the table and getting everyone dressed we headed off to our beachy destination.

When we arrive, it is lunch time, so we drag beachy crap, kids and cooler to a spot, set up and sit down for the worlds fastest picnic. The moment we unwrap our sandwiches and pop open the cucumber slices, we are dived bombed by bees. Not one, but many. Who knew bees go to the beach too....did I mention I hate bees? It's been said before on this blog, my unnatural HATE for anything insect. I'd link back, but I am too lazy. Seriously.

I HATE BEES. The kids ate what they good as fast as they could, nothing like a little indigestion when you going in for a swim. We threw everything into the cooler and shut her tight. Not a single bee remained.

Some picnic.

On the bright side, no one was stung, and despite his repeated attempts, the baby didn't drown. All in all, a good trip out.

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