Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The boy who drove his mother mad.

TFB is in a frazzled state of late. The baby has set on a course to drive his mother mad. MAD I TELL YOU!! Its amazing how much stress the wee creatures can instill in the short course of a day.

So I ask you, and really, I am not above whining, why will my one year old child NOT stay OFF the kitchen table? Seriously. I think I must remove him 100 times a day from the table. There are SIX chairs, its not like I can hide them in the bathroom. There used to be a fruit basket on the table, but as I found him sitting on the table, taking one bite out of the apples and then chucking them on floor, I've since removed it.

My day kinda goes like this:
7:30am: wake up, get children up and dressed

7:45: Remove baby from table

8:00am - serve and eat breakfast

8:30am -Clean up breakfast, and remove baby from table

8:45 - Empty Dishwasher, clean dishes, remove baby from table

9:00am - Remove baby from table

9:02am - Remove baby from table

9:05am - Remove baby from table

and so on and so on...

He's moved on from just the kitchen table and now will resort to climbing on pretty much anything that is higher than him. Like for instance this past weekend we had a BBQ in the yard with friends. After dessert was served to all the older kids, they took off to play and left their plates on the table.

I turn around and this is what I found:

Laying low and sneaking dessert remnants from his sisters plate.

And looking mighty proud of himself too.



Someone please tell me this will be a very short lived phase?


I think I might just go out to the garage and grab some rope and tie the bloody chairs to the table. That'll learn him...that and the rest of us will have to stand to eat, but hey, I will have WON!!

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