Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The birds have all gone MAD!

So two posts ago, I wrote about a strange experience with a wild baby bird. Well slap me silly and call me Jack Hanna, we've had another. In the same week!
I let the dog out for his before bed pee break and suddenly he's chasing a bird in the yard that can't fly. Great. Just Great. I am thinking how the heck can this happen twice in the same bloody week! (And no its not the same bird or one of its siblings). I chase the dog back in the house and proceed to chase this non flying bird around my front yard like a moron. The little bugger may not be able to fly, but he can sure as heck go fast on those little stick feet. I am sure, that all the neighbours sitting outside wondering what the idiot across the street was up to. After much effort, I finally catch the damn thing on my front stoop.

This time its a friggin baby robin that fell out of its nest. I am beginning to think maybe this is a sign? An omen? Should I be worried? I have this fear that I may wake up one day to find my house covered in birds? I am sure there is a horror movie about this, no?

Well strange story has a happy ending. I put the bird in a cage and left it out on the covered porch, and when I checked on it in the morning, the mom was on the fence talking to it, with berries in its mouth. I released it and they were reunited. Good deed done.

Now all the rest of you little birds...STAY IN YOUR FRIGGIN TREES!


Slick said...

Ok Micki, let me get this straight...you kidnapped a baby bird??

I'm calling PETA tomorrow...


TFB said...

PETA SCMETA.....I saved the little vermin from death!! I should be honoured! Um..okay..I don't really want to be know as the bird lady.