Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tea for two..or three...or more...

The girl has known since January that she was having a tea party to celebrate turning 4 in style. She gets her mind on something, there is no changing it. For the past few weeks, I have been scouring friends, family and second hand stores in search of all the elements to throw such a party. It was weeks of planning all for a two hour party that came and went so quick!! A BIG Thank you goes out to Miss B, who help set up and host. Fun was had by all, kids and adults alike.

Things I learned this past weekend:

  • Even three and four years old will DEMAND a new dress to wear to a party. It does start young.

  • Someones little girl sounds like Eorye, even when she is happy.

  • That same little girl, really REALLY loves sugar cubes.

  • Miss B is GREAT at hosting a tea party.

  • Miss is very very patient when making little itty bitty sandwiches.

  • Little boys can survive tea parties.

  • All little girls (and boy) are adorable when they come for tea!

  • You can pull off TWO parties in one weekend.

  • My little girl is a great hostess.

  • I would do it all over again, just give me a few weeks to recoup.

A Tea Party in Pictures

The lovely table ready for guests.

The Party Room.

Personalized Place settings even...

The girl getting ready. Very lady like no?

The Birthday Girl all dressed for Tea.

The lovely Miss B surviving er serving Tea.

Chocolate covered strawberries, veggies and dip and heart shaped sandwiches....the special touch.

Miss Micki! Did I dress up? You bet your biscuit I did.

Petite fours for cake...yum!

The dessert spread.

The take home goody bag.

Pin the tea cup on the lady...I am so proud how well she turned out!

I think I missed my calling as a party planner, no?

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