Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Pudge Turns One Today!!!

So yesterday, my girl turns four and today, this day, my baby turns one. There's a whole lot of reflection going around these days. Your seeing the softer side of Too Friggin Busy. (Back to our regularly scheduled programming soon....I promise)

I don't write these little mushy stories of reflection ever year on their birthdays. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are finished for good with the whole baby making thing. There is no going back. We are officially done.

I think knowing for sure, that there will never be another little baby around these parts, makes me cherish and squish the ever loving goo out of my pudge.

I look at him, his big beautiful, full of the devil eyes, and I feel blessed to have him in our lives. He's busy, he's cranky, he's busy, he's cuddly, he's busy and he's lovable. Did I mention busy? He keeps us on our toes and has tested our baby proofing skills like no child on earth before. However, since he lets me maul him on a consistent basis, and just for that alone, all is forgiven.

His first year flew by. It's kinda sad looking back, how fast it all went. But then I remember ALL those sleepless nights, and suddenly I am okay. ha! He's a dickens. It will be fun to see what trouble he gets himself into in the next while.

Now if only, we can get the kid to walk.....and to grow that other front tooth.....

Happy Birthday my little Pudge!!
You beautiful little boy.

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