Thursday, May 03, 2007


This pic makes me smile the kinda smile that could seriously harm my pretty little face. It warms the cockles of my soul. No, not because I am in any way a Yankees fan, or any type of baseball fan for that matter. Truth is, I can't stand baseball. ***THUD*** those were my husbands dreams of us touring every ball park in North America falling dead to the ground.
Nope. These little babies are my ticket to my absolute favorite place on earth. The city that never sleeps! The Big Apple. Yeah, I am taking about New York City. Can I get a whoot whoot!
Sorry, I get carried away when I jabber about this trip. You see, I am so excited I can barely stand myself. We are going on June 6th, which just happens to be our 9th wedding anniversary and we're staying right in the heart of the city. 9 blocks to Times Square! It doesn't get any better than that baby!!!

The best part? We are going kid free. Not even I am brave enough to travel with three children just yet. Grandparents will be staying at our house with the kids. Can I get a....enough Micki enough. What a glorious 4 days it will be. For us, not so sure about the Grandparents. ha!
So my fellow Bloggers, if any of you happen to be from there, have been there, or just have an unnatural love of New York like I, please share your favorite things to do and see while in New York. Your must visits. An I am not talking about visiting the Today Show. Please share either via comments or email. Help a girl out?

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