Monday, May 07, 2007

Moving on.....Know how I know your Gay?

Anyone else see that movie, 40 year old virgin. Its friggin funny.

Anyways theres a scene where the two guys are playing a video game and they are going back and forth about "Know how I know your gay?" and coming up with stupid answers. Well this past weekend, Eric, started behaving in a strange way. I mean, he's your regular, baseball loving, beer drinking, tshirt and jean wearing, burger eating kinda guy. However, something was amis.
Scene One:
I go out to the back deck, I look around...No Eric...hmmm...

Me: Eric?

Eric: I'm here, just sun tanning.

I look over and sure enough, there in all his fish belly white glory is my bald husband laying on the grass, shirt off, pants rolled up...

Me: Know how I know your gay??
Scene Two:

We are sitting at the kitchen table after having dinner with my brother and the kids. Eric had opened a bottle of wine, XOXO that had come with some dark chocolate.

He takes one of the chocolates and eats it. The he drinks the wine. then looks at me and says" This dark chocolate does pair perfectly with this wine"

Me: Know how I know your gay?
Scene Three:

We are in the kitchen, chatting and he starts telling me that he's found a way to get rid of the bags under his eyes.

Me: Know how I know your gay?

I have much fun at my husbands expense.

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