Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day Madness

Busy weekend...blah blah blah..busy....nice weather...blah blah

It seems as the nice weather continues, my ability to blog is diminished. I see these various blogs, moms like I and I wonder how on earth they find the time to post daily. Well, I can promise you this will never be a daily blog, just a whenever blog. Whenever I feel like it blog...that's TFB.

So now that's been said, Happy Belated Mothers Day to all the moms who visit my little spot on the web. I do hope you spent it relaxing with the ones that matter most.

For myself, it was a pretty busy weekend, in and out and running here and there. It seems I suffer from a disease, the "I can never can seem to pick up everything the first time at the grocery store no matter how big my list is" disease. Nothing frustrates me more than getting home from braving the friggin store on a Saturday and forgetting something vital for dinner. IRK! It doesn't help that the closest grocery store is like 100 football fields long. I swear it is. At least is feels that way when trying to run in for something quick. Feel like I need football gear just to plow thru the mass of people to get where I need to go. IRK!

My mom came for the weekend, so it was spent visiting and preparing for a nice mothers day with her. We all went to breakie and because we live in a sucky town, we had to be at the restaurant by 8am in order to get a table, in order to eat before the second coming. No, its not just that busy just because its mothers day, its like that EVERY weekend. When you have three kids, the last thing you want to do is spend 45 minutes in line for breakfast. I mean not many 6 and 4 year olds can stand patiently for 5 minutes let alone 45. It ends up with a waitress or two being tripped and few dozen or so pissed off patrons. It is a rare treat to go.

The boy and presented me with a little plaster of paris butterfly brooch that he made at school. Its something. He was so proud to see me wearing it all day. One of those little treasures that will be kept and tucked away.

I also received this:

My very own Easter Island Head. I love it!!!!!

It only weighs 150 lbs and I've only made him move it twice...for now.

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