Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bad Habits......

Well, sorry, I've

As for the race this past weekend, we had a blast! This will be a yearly event, that I am sure of. And, I must say, we girls rocked our GI Jane theme! That's right camo pants, black shirts, combat boots and black caps! I'm going to say it, we looked good!

We stalked into the bar and there, in all their heavenly glory were four nuns. But wait, one of these nuns had a beard and the other one, strangely, looked, like my husband. Yes, folks, they boys were dressed in full nun like ensembles, including head piece and giant wooden cross around neck. This was gonna be a fun day!!

There were 12 teams in total and we were the only all girl team. Despite that we came in 5th place, only 90 points behind the winning team. It was a close finish for the top 5 teams. We played hard, ran hard and drove hard (L, you could seriously be a contender for NASCAR!!!) We were a force to be reckoned with. We were head to head with guys at each event...(we checked! )

However, the rock climbing wall is what did us in. Our team member who did it, made amazing time, however, her boyfriend, on our boys team, is a rock climbing expert, and scaled the bloody wall in 20 seconds. Inside Joke: "See it does pay to be small, ya little leprechaun!!"

Things I learned this past weekend:

  • we girls do camo well
  • S can pull together an outfit and rework her schedule with 12 hours notice...impressive
  • Combat boots are difficult to run in
  • L drives like no one else I know
  • Sa can take mega awesome pictures from a moving car..
  • Sz knows London EXTREMELY well
  • Ball caps and braids makes Micki look under 25 according to Casino Security....I'll take it...Sz...will you ever forgive me?? lol
  • People at casino's don't like to part with one single token, even when its an even trade
  • don't want to piss her off...she's got a helluva punch.
  • Don't buy Swedish berries from Raj
  • I suck at deal or no deal
  • L is very very brave...much kudos goes to her...a side we never knew was there! I was so proud!LOLOL!
  • Its amazing what your team mates will MAKE you
  • Next year, white bra...
  • Oysters should be left at the supermarket
  • My van can fit 8 people..not well...but we can fit...good thing Sc is so small...HAHA!
  • E&C still has good food
  • I am far too tired, read "old" for the late night bar scene
  • I have 15 days to pay a parking ticket.
  • We have great friends!
And now the pics:

Gi Jane #1 and #2.

Self Portrait!!!

The future Nascar Driver....who me?

That's right! She hit 712.

Self Portrait!!

My husband does nun well! LMAO!

The goofy nun and date..

The thoughtful nun....good thing it wasn't the "other" finger.

Yah, there's just something wrong with the whole beer drinking nun, no?lol.

The "Bad Habits" win, and get to wear the "lovely" coveted green coats. Um, er, maybe it was a good thing they won after all...I don't do green..or pompoms for that matter.

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