Thursday, February 22, 2007

Road Kill

More snow. I thought the stupid little gopher said early spring? He's fired.

I was really hoping for a "warmish" weekend this weekend. We have a fun event planned for this weekend. We are entering an "Amazing Race" style charity event, called a Poker run. There are eight of us signing up, two teams of four, boys against the girls. I am not sure how many teams there will be in total, I imagine many.

Basically,you are given clues and have to figure out locations in the city and perform tasks at each one to get the next clue to your next location. A pub in London is hosting this event for the Alzheimer's society.

I mean come on!! Girls are SOOOOOO much better at figuring out where to go. We are soooooooooo gonna kick the boys ass. In typical OVERINFLATED ego style, the boys have already started their trash tasking. Whatevah!! Put your pants up Shorty!!! You know who YOU are.

Each team is to come up with a theme and as the boys have not revealed theirs, I shall refrain from revealing ours. But I will be back, and I will post as many embarrassing pics of the boys as I can manage to take. Of course, I will post only pretty pics of the girls doing their victory dance.

Cars, egos, alcohol, charity, good friends, cameras, and silly costumes...what could be more fun???

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