Friday, February 16, 2007

Peperoni is hazardous

The other day I went to a parent council meeting and since my husband was working, my parents graciously accepted my invitation to babysit. My brother came as well.

My parents ordered pizza for dinner as a treat. For the kids, they ordered pepperoni, mushroom and bacon. They served up the pizza and sat down to eat.

Everyone is happily eating away, then the girl leans over and says to her Uncle, (who she is convinced is a Pirate in REAL LIFE, by the way) :

Peperoni's hurt my nipples.

WHAT???? Where in the world does she get this stuff? And don't you dare say its me!!! I mean, maybe there is some rare undiagnosed condition that causes crazy symptoms? Some weird allergic reaction to peperoni which cause nipple pain? No? You say I am stretching it a bit? Oh well, thought I'd give it a try.

I am sure her invitations to parties and play dates will be fewer and fewer, no?

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