Thursday, February 01, 2007

Before and After

Well its been a crazy busy week. Trading Spaces lies. No one can get a room done in 48 hours. Their smoking crack. There's probably a team of 100 behind the scenes doing all the work. Meh.
There is still a few small things to do, that is if you consider painting ALL the trim and doors a small task. Hang a few more shelves and we're done. The girl is very happy. Its her princess room now. Very much a room fit for our little diva.

As promised, here are the pics. First, the colour was much MUCH MUCH uglier in person. My camera makes it look more aqua blue, but it was a deep disgusting aqua green. A really vile colour. I just have to say again, what was this woman thinking? Who paints their ceiling like this on purpose?? WHO DOES THAT????

I should have a contest. Betchya mine ceiling is uglier than yours!!!

This just hurts my eyes.

Wow, that felt good.

Viola!! It doesn't get any more girly girl than this.

I am going to paint a quote above the closet. Haven't decided exactly which one. Any suggestions?

Also, a big huge THANK-YOU goes out to my friend S.,who took pity on me and came over and helped with the painting. Yah, um sorry about the paint splatters. Ceiling paint really is that drippy!! But hey, the closet looks great!

We ended the evening with popcorn and a movie (that she brought, how cool is she!!) and complaining about our sore body parts.

So S, when are we painting your daughter's room? Or are you up for painting the other 10 rooms of mine?? Muahahahahaahahah!!!

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