Friday, January 26, 2007

Paint Covered Toes

We bought this house last March, because it was the right size, the right layout and of course it had a huge yard, perfect for our growing (Said "DONE") family. We fell in love with it. Not it's colour scheme. The house itself. We bought it knowing, EVERY SINGLE room would need to be painted.

The previous owners loved green. Lots and lots of green, even different shades of green. Green kitchen, green living room, green hallways, green basement, green bedroom, green shutters, green counter, green mailbox. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I hate green. Really really hate green. Did I mention I hate green? Know what I hate more than green? Painted ceilings. Not white painted ceilings, I love those. I hate painted ceilings to match the colours on the walls. Yes folks, we even have GREEN ceilings.

The worst green of all is the girls room. Its like this horrific aqua green. The girl has asked me, again and again to paint her room. I bought the paint months ago, but we simply have been too frigging busy to actually get it done. All that changed yesterday.

My husband has two vacation days this week, so he and the kids went to Grandma's yesterday, leaving me and the dog to tackle the girls aqua blue room. He hates to paint and I love it. And I really don't mind the quiet time to get this done.

However, there is one "small" problem, the stucco ceiling is painted the SAME aqua green. Last night I was in primer hell, trying to cover that ugly aqua. The walls, are not so bad, as they are smooth. The ceiling is another nightmare all together. I have the proper roller for a stucco ceiling and I am using a good primer. However the ceiling is proving to be a worthy adversary. The aqua, it seems, is determined to remain visible. But do not despair for I will not let aqua win.

My arms are aching, my hair, face, glasses, hands, and every other part of my body is speckled with white paint. Everthing from the girls room is piled in the boys room and my sewing workshop. After all the painting there are shelves and pictures to be hung, a canopy to be installed, clothes to be hung and boxes to be unpacked. All in the name of love for a big blue eyed little girl.

Well, I've rested enough. I must go prime the ceiling for a SECOND time.
I will post before and after pics when I am done this "little" project.

Anyone wanna help? lol...

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