Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fire and Ice

Winter has arrived finally in its full "glory". I say that with the utmost sarcasm. We were hit with our first blizzard of the season, on Friday. Really, I would much prefer the kind from Dairy Queen. A skor one to be exact.

Friday morning we woke up to this:

It continued to snow for most of the day. Then while we ate supper, it was really bad. We couldn't even see the houses on our street.

Saturday started with a scary drive to take the girl to dance. ABS brakes kicking in every now and then. My stomach was a ball of knots by the time we arrived at the studio. It took twice as long to get there due to poor road conditions. Poor, more like horrible. But of course, the girl was her sweet patient self.


The girl: MUUUUMEEEEEEEEEE, why is taking so long to get to dance. Why are we not there yet?

Me: Well the roads are slick and you have to be very careful, and drive slower to be safe.

The girl: Daddy should have drove then.


Well thanks for that vote confidence for my driving skills. I really felt like telling her to drive herself to dance, but then she is only 3. To young to ride the bus?

The rest of the day was spent shovelling snow, running through snow, dusting snow off, dousing oneself in snow, snowballing others, digging snow out of the back of ones shirt, tobogganing down hills, wiping snow from one's eyes, wiping off puddles on wood floors, drying wet clothing, and making hot chocolate. Makes me tired just writing about it.

There's is no better way to spend a snow filled day of below zero temperatures, than by hanging out by the fireplace, with a nice glass of red wine, a warm blanket and a movie. While I was anti fireplace in the summer:

I am so over that now. Big fan of fireplace in winter, not so much in summer when the June Bugs visit.

But really, I would rather just move South and avoid the whole mess.

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