Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Very Post

I must lamely admit, that I have watched American Idol last night and am currently watching it again while tapping away on here. It's like a bad wreck and no matter how much I know I should look away, I just can't.

Last night was terrible with very few good singers. There were two that stood out. First the chick all in black with that HUGE bead necklaces, freaky eyes and the 10 year degree in vocal or whatever. I believe she may have attended the music school for the tone deaf. No? The other was Lion girl. Singing like the cowardly lion? Friggin funny. I mean it was just a joke right? She was NOT serious? Right??

On to tonight's mess. Remind me to NEVER ever EVER go to Seattle. Ever. Even if they offer me first class tickets and all expenses paid. There are some pretty screwed up people there. *Shudder*

The mother and daughter combo? Blond hair, Black hair, Red lips and freaky hair? Very Scary.

The choir dude with the weird lips who just kept google eyeing everyone..Very very scary? You bet.

The friends, the one with the freaky eyes and the roly poly other dude? Beyond scary. Simon says: "Looks like one of those animals that live in the jungle with massive eyes" While its terrible wrong to make fun of people like this....IT WAS FRIGGIN FUNNY!! His friend reminded me of the pig off the kids movie Chicken Little.

You don't need to tell me, I know I am going to hell.

Best line: "You just put through a giraffe"

Seriously, I think people who know they can't sing are just doing it to try and win worst performance. That has to be it. RIGHT??


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