Monday, January 15, 2007


We had a busy weekend. Your shocked, I know.

We went to visit family and friends in London, an hour's drive from here.
Saturday, was spent hanging out at my mom's and then at a buck and duck or stage and doe or whatever the f%$# ....frig people, I was gonna say frig, shame on you.

It was lots of fun, DESPITE the kereoke. How the hell is that word spelled? I am just not a big fan of the karokee. I think if you operate a DJ/Kareoke business, it must be imperative that you can actually sing. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to sing Kid Rock when you sound like mickey friggin mouse on crack. For that reason alone, you should lose your license to Koraoke. KID ROCK?? What were you thinking old man??

Now there are a couple of my friends who can actually sing and do well at karoke. Then there those who do, but shouldn't. Really really shouldn't. Like Mcmouse the dj. I am one of those. I know I can't so I won't. There should be more like me.

Which brings me to American Idol starts tomorrow. The first part is freakin hilarious with all those who do but shouldn't singers. The rest, we'll see. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I don't. It's no ROCKSTAR, that's for sure.


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