Sunday, February 04, 2007

For the love of the game...WHATEVAH!

It's bloody cold out there. So very, very cold. Burrrrrrrr. Not fit for humans or animals outside today. Something like minus 22 or whatever. Way to Friggin Cold to move outside the door. It's flannels and extra socks today. Sexy, I know.

Where is my husband and his friends? OUTSIDE, playing football as they do every year before Superbowl, in the snow, ice and freezing cold. The WHOLE lot of them....and yes, I know a few of you read my site. Your bloody NUTS!! There is not enough long johns, hot pockets or battery operated...SOCKS this world to get me outside, let alone play football in it.

In the meantime, I am home with three small children, one who is napping (FINALLY) and two others who keep requesting to watch the following video, and yes it's up there with the mini wheat video of yore. I could very well stick a fork in my eye before the day is through. If there was a bag of gummi's in the house, I'd be torturing them slowly, one itty bitty bear at a time. Especially the green ones.
Watch it!! I shall not suffer alone!!

Keep warm, and those of you are lucky enough to live in warm climates,...I hate you all.

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