Sunday, December 17, 2006

What I REALLY want for Christmas

1. Just once, the item I am looking for, to be actually in stock. Oh and on sale, because that's always a bonus.

2. My dog to stop peeing on MY stuff.

3. To win the lottery.

4. Diamond earrings, tennis braclet, past present future ring...okay, so pretty much anything with a diamond.

5. An IPOD, cause I am stupid like that.

6. Snow, to come Christmas eve and completely dissapear by boxing day.

7. For stores to be CLOSED on boxing day and give people a friggin break.

8. For some little elves to come into my house, wrap all my gifts, bake a ton of goodies and clean my house.

9. For my nearly 8 month old baby to sleep through the night and not wake until at least 7am.

10. Black 2007 Wrangler Unlimited X 4x4, because it has four doors and seats 5!! Who says I can't have a jeep!!!

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