Saturday, December 09, 2006

She's a ballerina, its OFFICIAL.

Last Saturday, despite me being deathly sick AGAIN, I took Kelsey to dance an hour earlier. For the past four weeks or so she's been a crazed dancing machine practising "her" style of ballet all across the wooden floors of our house.

Up til now she was enrolled in a tots in motion class with is a combination of jazz and some ballet. Not really structured like ballet. There were about only 8 kids and one was a boy. She had lots of fun and did enjoy it, but she's been asking to just do ballet. So we did a test run in a ballet class. . She loved it. She wanted to switch over, so we did. Afterwards, I asked her what she thought of her new classmates and teachers.

The girl: I like it and there's no boys.

Apparently the girl believes boys shouldn't be in dance class. Who knew.

In her defence, the little guy in her class was really cute, but a dickens. He was more a disruption than anything.

The girl is serious about her dance.

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