Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So it begins.......

This is what it looks like out my front window today.

This is awful. On one hand, I can see the beauty of this scene. Some would say its peaceful, serene, full of wonderment. Me, I look at it and it doesn't warm my cockles at all. I hate winter. I hate the cold, the slush, walking in it, the salt, driving in it, wet snow sticking to my glasses, the icy winds, wet everything etc. I think you get my point. There is only one good thing about winter and that's Christmas. But even that has its issues.

I face a daily nightmare. Having to bundle three small children PLUS myself to trek through snow to get my oldest to school, on time. We have to start the dressing process at least half hour before we intend to leave and you have to leave even earlier because no small child can resist hurdling themselves in the fresh snow piled on every lawn we pass. Turning a ten minute walk into a thirty minute ordeal. All the while trying to keep them and myself warm and dry, which never happens no matter how much clothes you pile on them. Columbia smubia, they all get equally wet.

This year I will not freeze. This is my goal. My children apparently do not feel the cold. I do. Its a long walk, and I've long given up the care of how stupid I really look in a toque. Hat, Earmuffs, scarfs, snow pants, mitts, long johns and snow boots. BRING IT ON. I will not freeze to death. I even went so far to buy myself a down fur trimmed parka. I have that whole Russian look going. The giganticus of my hood makes my head look about the size of an apple. Don't care though. I am warm, toasty toasty warm. Despite the 40lbs of cold weather gear.

Now don't think for a minute I would ever be happy with snow. Not ever, not for a minute.
But then there are moments like these, the wonderment of a child captured on the sly,

that make you like it just a little............just a wee little bit.

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