Monday, December 18, 2006

It's a Charlie Brown Christmas

We've been busy going to Christmas Parties, family gatherings, dance, soccer, tree hunting, gift shopping and the like. We've barely been home it seems and my house is starting to look neglected.

There is about 5 tons of laundry anxiously awaiting my attention. I have 5 million gifts to wrap as I have not yet wrapped a one. There are dust bunnies the size of our dog running amok, and the playroom is in desperate need of a cleaning BEFORE we are inundated with the new toys from Christmas. I've not sent one Christmas card out as I've yet to even address them. I still have at least four gifts to sew and I've baked NOT ONE friggin cookie. My kitchenaide mixer stands neglected on the counter.

We were even late getting our tree this year. (My fault, being sick again and all.) We finally dragged the kids to our local Christmas tree farm in search of the holy grail Christmas tree, which eluded us again this year. In years past, we've had some impressive trees. With a new much bigger house, we were excited to find a tree that would hit the ceiling and spread out like the Griswold's tree from Christmas Vacation. However, since we were late getting a tree, the pickings were slim. Anything taller them me, was a pathetic skinny Grinch looking thing.

We were getting frustrated, trudging through the mud, (me lugging 7 month old baby in a sling), trying to keep the boy from falling face first in the mud, removing the girls mud covered socks as she kept walking out of her rain boots. My husband throws in the towel and says we should just get one of the big pre cut trees they have for sale, for much more money. Then, there, in the middle of all these ugly squat charlie brown trees, the boy throws his arms around one particularly ugly tree and refuses to let go. This is the tree, his heart is set and he wants to help cut her down. He wants no part of a pre cut tree and will not have our Christmas tradition of cutting down our own thrown to the wind. We give in and cut her down the boy and his dad did.

Its a funny colour green, about 5 feet tall with rather large bare spots and a warped trunk.

At least our house smells great.

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