Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Egg Noggity Nog Nog

My husband seems to have forgone all other beverages during this Holiday season, in favour of his old favorite, egg nog. The festive drink of the season. Meh.

Myself, I am not a huge fan. However, in the spirit of the Holidays, when I do groceries, I will pick up whatever nog is on sale. Egg nog is egg nog, right? You would think, but this is not the case at our house. It seems, every grocery store egg nog is "crap", "no flavour", "not creamy enough", blah blah blah. Yes folks, my husband has become an egg nog Snob. He will now only drink nog from Mac's Milk. A local convenience store here in town.

Besides costing more, I wondered what the difference was, so I compared labels of the infamous Mac's Milk nog to our grocery store nog. I nearly fainted when I read the fat content. The grocery store nog has 3 grams of fat PER cup. Not bad. The coveted nog from Mac's has 21 grams of fat PER cup. GWACK!!! PER CUP! 21 grams PER CUP! Can you say coronary in a glass. No friggin wonder he likes it so much better. The worse part, he so drinks much more than a "cup" each time. It is so very wrong for you. Wrong, wrong, wrong. My husband is officially horrified, yet saddened at the same time.
Dear Evil Doers aka: egg nog makers.

I would kindly suggest you seriously rethink that recipe. Pronto.

The funniest part: he was wondering why he gained a few pounds over the past couple weeks, and with no holiday baking done to blame it on. He really didn't think it would be THAT bad for you.


Guess its back to grocery store nog for the rest of the season.

That or slim fast.

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