Monday, September 11, 2006

Quasi says hi

My eye hurts. Meh.

Yesterday, during breakfast, I am telling, okay, whining about this to the boy.

The boy: Whats wrong mommy?

Me: My eye hurts today. When I blink it hurts. Even when I touch it, it hurts.

The boy: (looking at me with all the compassion in the world, and with a very serious little face says) Well don't touch it then.

Yah, I tried to sell him on ebay, but my husband stopped me. Foiled again.

Seriously, this is my "good eye". Which means my vision is crap but my left eye is just slightly better than my very bad right eye. I think its pink eye. How does a grown adult get pink eye when none, NONE of her three children have it.
I feel like a pariah. I am like a leper in my own home. Everyone is avoiding me. I'd avoid myself if I could.



I woke up this morning and it wasn't pretty. Normally you can not see your bottom eyelid...think about it. Well I can. Yup. Swollen is an understatement...I fear by the end of the day, I will look like a cousin of Quasi Modo. Is this pink eye?


I fear, this is what I will look like tomorrow morning, but with way cuter clothes.

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