Tuesday, September 12, 2006

RockStar Freakin Rocks

Okay, Toby and Dilana are it. I don't care which one wins as long as one of them does.

Sorry, just NOT a Lucas fan. Don't just vote cause he's Canadian. VOTE FOR THE BEST!! He just doesn't suit this band.

Magni, another great singer, but he just doesn't WOW me like Toby or Dilana.

Dilana Just Kicked Ass Tonight. I still love her. She looked amazing tonight and I really like her version of Roxanne. What confidence to have the four guys singing behind her. GO Dilana!! GO!!

Toby is a gorgeous specimen of a man with an awesome voice and loads of fun to watch on stage.


Embarrassing Habit Revealed: I have Bell Sympatico so I can watch it first at 9pm and then REWATCH it again at 10pm on the Sask channel. I am such a Loser. What the hell am I going to do with myself now when its all over?

Going to vote now.

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