Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Sept 11th

A good friend and I have a life long obsession with New York City. Our dream of seeing the city was realized in May 2005. It was amazing. A wonderful especially busy 3 says where we crammed in as much as we could. We have many great memories from the trip.

We did venture to the Ground Zero sight. Seeing in on television does not compare to seeing it in person. The vastness of it. Its hard to put into words, how your feeling, when your standing there, looking at the devastation left behind.

I remember where I was exactly 5 years ago today. Sitting in my living room with a three month old baby, clutched in my arms and I watched the Today show, trying to figure out what happened to the first tower. It was then I noticed another plane in the background at the exact time Katie and Matt did, as we watched in horror as the second tower was hit before our very eyes. It was not a replay. The today show crew went into panic, cameras veered ,there was utter chaos as they themselves tried to understand what their eyes and just seen. It was horrible. I remember going into the bedroom and waking my husband and telling him what happened, knowing that in a few hours we were to go to his Grandmother's funeral.

I remember spending days watching CNN hoping for all those families, that somehow, someway, survivors were found. It was a bleak and depressing time. I can't imagine what it was like for the survivors or the families left behind wondering.

As its human nature, we learn to cope with the it, and try and move on.
I will never forget the horror of Sept 11th. Lets hope the rest of the world
doesn't either.

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