Thursday, September 28, 2006

Micki vs The Fly

There is a fly tauting me, and has been for THREE days. With FOUR flyswatters at my disposal, you'd think I'd have ended it by now. BUT NO, it still eludes me.

Fly must die.

Even the kids were in on the hunt, but all the ended up happening was that I got whacked by an icky disgusting flyswatter.

Fly must die.

There are five people in this house. And I am POSITIVE that I am the cleanest, so why does the bloody fly keep landing on me. ME. Why, because insects sense fear..ok hatred in the case of this gross critter.

Fly must die.

As I am sitting here writing this is has landed on me THREE times. Only cause there is no flyswatter within frantic reach.

Fly must die.

For those who know me, they are fully aware of my complete and abnormal disdain for insects. Search through the archives people, I've covered this before.

Fly is dead.


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