Sunday, September 24, 2006

Halloween Frenzy

Well, our house is abuzz with preparations for Halloween. Each shopping trip, I sneak in a few more new decorations to add to the overflowing crates of Halloween decs we already have. With all the crap we have, my husband will never notice a "few" more. See, I have an abnormal love of Halloween. I guarantee I have WAY more Halloween decs than Christmas decs. Its like pumpkins and bats and ghost and skeletons, OH MY! Everywhere you go. Every store is loaded. My Halloween dream, one day I will own a fog machine. Its simply going to happen.

As for Halloween costumes, I've been working on collecting stuff for my Dilana costume. I am making myself a crazy torn tutu skirt and on the search to borrow some doc martens. I even have fakes tattoos...LOL..It will be awesome. It'll take me weeks to get my hair back to normal. The best part, the boy has his first soccer game EVER the day of our Halloween party. I will be doing my hair in the morning, cause it will take FOREVER. I can't wait to see all the soccer moms faces when I show up in wacked out Dilana hair. Think they'll ask me to help organize snack break? MUAHahahahaahhah....What a first impression I will make that day.

Now the boy originally wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow, but because I live in the suckiest suckiety suck suck city for shopping in general, the accessories are no wear to be found. So he changed his mind. The conversation went like this:

the boy: I wanna be a cheetah

Me: NO, just no

the boy: why not?

Me: No more cat stuff, the obsession ends now (he has spent months pretending he's a cat. Its time to move on)

the boy: (thinks hard) Ok, a Lion.

Me: NO, still a cat.

the boy: A raccoon then.

Me: WHAT?? What about Superman, Batman or Spiderman? Power Rangers even. I'll do it, I'll break down and go commercial. Give me something?

the boy: No, a raccoon.

So in an effort to persuade him to be something take him to the local grocery store to check out their HUGE costume selection. After searching through hundreds of costumes, he vetoes EVERYTHING, except for a fuzzy cute giraffe. Again NO! We find a lone Bat costume. Not Batman, a fuzzy black bat. This I can live with. Way better than a cheetah or raccoon or a bloody giraffe. But being Micki, "I can so make it better, for less".

This has also happened with the Girl's mermaid and now the baby , its been decided will be a monkey. I hit the fabric stores this past weekend and now I'm surrounded by piles of fluff, fleece, satin and sequins.

Now between their costumes, making a few for friends, our costumes, hosting our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, and hosting a Halloween party., with the basic chores of everyday life, you wonder why this blog is called TOO FRIGGIN BUSY????

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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