Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ride on, Dark Horse

Dilana in the bottom three? Is the world on crack? Were we experiencing a mass hallucination? Give the girl a break. Vote on the talent people, not the behind the scenes crap. Vote for who best suits the band, not who you like the best. There is a difference. Stones, people, stones.

I'm over it. We all know, there is no way she is going home yet.

As for Ryan, his final words were a little harsh. He certainly didn't take his ousting too humbly. His performance tonight was put on again. He is trying to rock when he's clearly not a rocker. He does have a great voice, he just doesn't sell me on the whole dark rocker thing. His stage performance is mediocre at best. Adios.

Lucas performed well, but I seriously want to rip his tongue out. Why does he feel the constant need to stick it out and lick things. I am certain the boy has some kind of deficiency.

Care to comment? Who do you think is going to be the final two?


MissWrite said...

Boy, first off, I have to agree, that was THE most ungracious goodbye of the season. Ryan, Ryan, what were you thinking? 20 YEAR run? These men are in their 40's... they'd be 70ish year old wrinkle bags in 20 years. Can we say 'pass the geritol?' You'd be handing out depends backstage and wondering what went wrong to your 'career'...not that you'll have one.

Anyway, Stormie, Stormie, where did that come from? I loved her Helter Skelter, and I'm not a huge fan of the song to begin with. I really liked what she did with it, and I went into this viewing certain it was her that was to die. Not that she isn't a great performer, she is, just never seemed right for this bunch of guys.

During her performance I just knew she'd saved her butt from the fire.

During Ryan's before it, I just knew he'd drowned himself in stupidity.

Now, Miss-too-friggin-busy, you're not gonna like this, but...

Dilanna-WTF? Girl gone mad. So sad. I hope she can recover, but it doesn't look promising in such a short stretch as what's left.

I have to say that her comments last week did jade my opinion of her some, but I was willing to leave it all behind, and she was truly gracious this week... but that song. Oh My God, voodoo queen on crack runnin the stage there. I was honestly scared for a few minutes. (haha)

Tobi-I think he'd be a good front if he makes it, and it seems the road is opening up before him for the final sprint.

Magni-I really like him as a performer, but agree, too mundane, and lounge actish most times.

FrogPrince-It's been a long time since I thought Lukas might have a real shot at front man for this group.

I have to admit I've come to like him just a little more personality wise since they've shown some clips of him being 'human', but I still don't care too much for what I've seen on stage.

It's been a fun season watching and I'll kind of miss it when it's over, and if the group manages to stick around a bit, I'll buy the records, and maybe even get my old creaky ass out to a concert or two.

Mindless Me said...

Well Little Miss Write...., I have to humbly agree Dilana's performance last night was a little voodoo(lol good description)..although I liked it,it was certainly not for Supernova. She, however, killed Mother Mother the night before. As much as I love her, she may be a little too much for this band.

I agree with you on Storm. I love her and her silly attitude. I too, just don't think she's right for this band.

Frog Prince...that made me giggle.. I refuse to admit he's human..ha!

Yes, what to watch this fall? As for the longevitity of this band...who knows. As much as I love this show, I think its a cracked way to find yourself a lead singer. Somehow takes away from it.

I too will buy a cd or two, and if I can ever convince, bribe or drug someone to babysitt my three kids, I'll even take in a concert.