Thursday, August 03, 2006


1) caught in the rain
2) cool new sunglasses
3) black tank
4) addiction to watching Rockstar Supernova

Results in:
Just don't ask me to sing. I can't carry a tune. I sing by myself and with the kids all the time. They're great. They think I can actually sing. I wonder how old they will be before they realize how totally tone deaf their mother really is. Who will I perform for? When that time comes, I guess I will just have to hang up my wooden spoon microphone.
As for RockStar, here's my two cents, whether you want it or not. I love Dilanna. I want to be her! She's fearless, has a wicked voice and her style is friggin amazing. I want her to win. As for the rest, not one else stands out. I really don't like Lucas or Zayra...aka the Porn Star. What's with the bathing suit cape combo. She's just going for the total pervert vote. Ridiculous for a rock band. She's in the wrong career for sure. The rest are great singers, I just don't think that they can hold up in this powerhouse band. Patrice disappeared in front of Tommy. Dana was a good choice to go, she's too little girl for those big boys. I mean, what a gay tattoo. I think Patrice or Jill is the next to go. Lucas should have been bottom three, based on this weeks performance. Who the hell voted for him after his lame Jim Morrison styled performance? Way to make Canada proud there Lucas.
Make it a Count.

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