Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fight Nights

My husband takes the boy and the girl swimming at the local outside pool for a change of scenery and some bonding time. I stayed home with the baby. I am not a sucker for punishment.

So off they go, towels in hand and flip flops on feet. (Of course they did NOT leave that easily or quietly. The boy at first refused to go and it took the girl about an hour to get a bathing suit on and bring herself down to get sun tan lotion on. Nothing frustrating about that now is there)

So they make it to the pool, and are in the shallow end together. The boy is trying to get the girl to play some Shark game he's made up. She would have no part of it and she let him know. She full on, punched him lightening quick, directly in the nose. Blood gushing everywhere. Nice. She's three. Normally, the boy torments her something fierce, but today that was not the case. My husband gets my son cleaned up and explains to the girl the error of her ways.

That is until he is back at home and relaying the story, laughing his butt off. (She was out of ear shot, thank goodness)

We've always told the boy since he's the oldest, he would have to protect his younger siblings. I am quite sure now, the girl will the one doing the protecting. Will the boy ever live this one down?


The jerk who saw a pair of brand new white flip flops and stole them from a 3 year old child. What kind of person does that? The girl came home barefoot. Meh.

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