Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My husband is one upping me and I don't like it

Mt husband and I have this obsession with getting letters to the editors published. We've both been published once. NOW, the bugger gets his second one published and its a bloody letter of the day. The war is on.
Now I will be obsessed with getting a letter of the day.

Anyways, here's his letter published today:

Conservative principles will help Canada
I enjoy reading different opinons in The Record's editorial section. But, try as I might, I cannot understand the view from the left of the political spectrum. For the benefit of the liberal readers, I would like to demostrate how I, as a typical conservative, read and interpret the daily newspaper.

While reading of a convicted pedophile being released despite his own warnings that he was still sick, I think, "Our weak, bleeding-heart, judges should have declared the man a dangerous offender, locked him up and thrown away the key. No more victims"

Upon reading of the vigilante justice that took place in New Brunswick, I thought, "Although I don't condone violence, who can blame these individuals? Our spineless justice system is to blame for this."

While reading of the endless debate of child care or child subisy, I - as a father of three children under six years old with much to gain either way- think, "As a responsible adult choosing to bring children into this world, my wife and I are soley responsible for this child's well being. Why should my childless friends pay for my decisions?"

And lastly, while reading the countless articles on the Mideast crisis, I think, " The loss of any human life is truly tragic, but hopefully Israel's measured response brings a lasting peace to a country that has been tormented by terroists for decades."

I want to conclude by saying the Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done a good job, and I wish him good luck in achieving a majority government in the next election so was can get this country back on track.


Way to go. Well done. I couldn't agree more.

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