Monday, June 05, 2006


Okay, so on Friday my 5 year old son and I went on a "date". With my three year old sick with a lung, throat, ear infection for the past week and a newborn baby in the house, I figured he could use some alone time with me. We went to a restaurant for a nice sit down dinner and then he wanted to go shopping. We ended up at the pet store. I bought him two more neon tetras and two algae eaters (sticky fish) for his fish tank.

When we arrive home, we add fish to tank and marvel at the cuteness of it all. We are now up to 11 fish in the Boy's tank. Yup, and by morning we are back down to 9. Apparently, the larger tetras in the tank, are not "community" fish as they would have had you to believe. The two new neon's are no where to be found. A nice $4.00 snack for the bloody blue tetra's. And yes, it I had to convince my 5 year old traumatized son to NOT flush the big mean blue fish down the toilet. Oh what a way to start a Saturday.

Today, my brother calls and is chatting with my son regarding the "incident", as I like to refer to it. He asks my son what he named the sticky fish. The Boy replies Duct tape and Hidey. After moments of laughter subside, I ask him why those names....and he replies..." cause one sticks to everything in the tank and the other hides all time. He's not doing his job mommy." Insert gales of laughter.

I've since hid the net.

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