Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back from the Dead...almost

Is anyone still reading TFB? Ya, I know, bad blogger. With summer here, all the kids at home, places to go, people to see, there really is not much time for poor little TFB blog. I am sure you understand. That and Facebook has me totally hooked!! (But that's a whole other post)

Okay, I've played with a few templates, and I have finally decided on this one for now. I love it! Hope you do too. Let's see how long I leave it. Its so much work to tweak each new one. Truly it is.

Its been a crazy summer. The past five weeks have flown by in a blink. We've had the kids in summer camp for two weeks, we've been at the cottage for one of the weeks and for one long weekend, been to a friends cottage for another long weekend, we painted our white fence (totally channelled Huck Finn those days) plus throw in a few day trips here and there and it brings us to August.

Now its times to get ready for TWO of my kids for school. Did I mention that TWO of my kids are going to school? TWO!

** Micki kicks off her flip flops and does her happy dance!**

Okay so the girl is only going for half days, but hey its a whole morning minus two. I'll take it!

The baby has turned into a full fledged toddler, walking, climbing, running and basically turning my natural "insert colour possibility here" hair grey. By far, this one is the most adventuresome of the three. I see duct tape and a harness in his future. Oops, sorry that was my outside voice.

I am very depressed that Rockstar didn't return this summer. That was a terrific show. What do we have this summer? Big Brother, which listening to the pile of idiots on there can make ya hurl crap at the TV.
I could write a novel on those morons easily. I really don't give a crap who wins, they all bug me!

So what do I do with the bit of spare time I have, I Facebook. Hey, I've reconnected with a few old friends from days gone by. To me, that's worth it in the end.


Mel said...

Welcome back! The flowers are beautiful. A couple of my friends have talked to me about Facebook, but honestly I just don't get it. Do you post like a blog or just have that little wall thingy? It just seemed too much for me. Maybe I should look it over again.

TFB said...

Hey Mel! Tks for stopping by.

As for facebook, its a bit much at first, but it doesn't take long to learn the ropes. There are tons of ways to commnunicate on there, the wall is the main one. As for a blog, my blog is linked directly to it, so my Facebook updates when I post on TFB.

You can post pics, stories etc. I've reconnected with a few freinds and we've had fun getting to know each other again.

At first I was like..what the heck is the big deal? But now I am a fan! Give it a try.

WowoJeans said...

Lovin the new template but I always like your handiwork on here... glad to see you find it difficult to blog too.... have fun school shopping!!!!