Thursday, August 09, 2007

And all the little birds go tweet, tweet, tweet.

Today while sitting on the back deck with Eric and a couple friends, I suddenly see this brown thing flapping crazily and flying towards me, to the point of it landing on my head. I calmly tell Eric to remove it. Er, or maybe I freaked out like a little school girl screaming at the top of her lungs "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF". I'll let you decide.

Eric gets the intruder OFF of my head, and it turns out that its a wee baby bird, that is constantly ruffling its wings and tweeting like mad, yet strangely has zero desire to fly away from us.

Eric fearing that its ill with some infectious disease, like oh say, the bird flu or even Ebola, is quick to be rid of this strange creature. He takes it out to the big Ash tree in our yard and gingerly coaxes the baby sparrow onto a low branch and starts back towards the house. Seconds later, the wee bird lands on him again. At this point, we, as in those not handling the bird, are killing ourselves laughing and yelling "MAMA" at Eric.

He tries again to leave the bird in the tree, again and again. "MAMA". It seems the wee bird has taken a shine to Eric. I rummage a box from the garage and Eric attempts to get the wee bird into the box. We give him some bird seed and some water, but instead of eating, he flies up to the edge of the box, tweeting like mad and ruffling his feathers, and turns his affections towards me. "MAMA"
The boy is getting excited. "Can we keep him? Can we keep him?". I am like no friggin way. In the end we couldn't get this bird to stay in a tree or off one of us. That and our dog was sure it would be a tasty treat, so we enlisted the help of a neighbour. She took the bird and put it in a cage out on her back deck until its strong enough to fly and hunt for food on its own. Much to the dismay of the boy, who was sure he had won himself a new pet to add to our ever growing zoo.

Bye Bye Chirpy!


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Aaron & Alaine said...

Not so busy to be a sweetie to a tweetie....cute story!