Friday, January 05, 2007

Winning Awards All Over the Place

My brother bought the kids tamagotchi's for Christmas. Virtual pets. Nice. The boy has been very attentive with his, ensuring its fed, its "poop" is cleaned up and playing games with it. My daughters is permanently on pause.

So while making lunch, the boy comes to me with this little perplexed look on his face.

The boy: Mommy, something is wrong with my tamagotchi.

I take the thing and I see the a little blob with no face and angel wings.

Me: Um...(stifling giggles, cause I am warped like that) I am sorry boo,(yes I call him boo, move on) but it died.

Apparently he was sidetracked and had ignored it for the entire morning. Who knew tamagotchis were so sensitive to neglect.

His little chin starts to quiver and tears well up in his eyes. He looks devastated. He really had tried to take good care of it and had somehow, become attached to the little electronic pet.

Me: Oh no,giggle, giggle its okay (running frantically around the kitchen looking for something small enough to poke into the reset button, all the while stifling giggles) We can, giggle, just hatch a new egg, giggle. Maybe, giggle, it will be a boy this time. Its just like video game. You just have to start over.giggle giggle giggle

The boy is looking at me with great sadness, and here I am finding the whole situation utterly funny. I am going to hell, I just know it.

Better start saving for my kid' s therapy now.

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