Monday, January 08, 2007


Well apparently is de-lurking week. What is de-lurking week? This fellow blogger explains it well:
I am a HUGE lurker. In comment to lurk ratio, I would be a 1:99. I rarely comment. I just slip in, read and slip back out again. I am the worst offender. I am a lurkey lurker. I like it that way, but I willing to give this a go. Making no promises here. Just saying I will give it a good honest effort.

I started by commented on her blog. I have hung up my lurking hat this week. I will become commenty commenter. I say will, because I've only commented on one blog. Hey, its a start!

So my fellow readers, come on, there must be at least two of you who read regularly!lol. Come forth, hang up your lurkey lurker hats and let your presence be known. This blog could use a little love.

Off to comment, wish me luck!

Happy De-lurking everyone!!

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