Friday, September 15, 2006


To take the boy to school, we must walk down a very long street of very nicely kept large homes with expensively landscaped front yards.

The girl loves to run amok, climbing and jumping off the neatly placed rocks, stones and ornaments these folks painstakingly laid out. Without much luck, I have been trying to convince her to only walk on the sidewalk. Rules are not the girls thing. Our gazillionth conversation on this subject goes like this:

Me: Please stay off these lawns, they don't belong to us and its rude to run all over someone else's property.

The Girl: (Completely ignores me, I swear I heard birds chirping,and I am NOT talking about the ones in the trees. Jumps up on the next retaining wall and tries out her balancing skills, while I have visions of knocked out teeth once she trips)

Me: Get Down before you hurt yourself. I told you it was rude to go on other peoples property. You need to keep your feet on the sidewalks.

The Girl: (Finally decides to listen, ponders this for a moment.)"If I see someone on our lawn, I will throw apples at them from the front window so they will stay off"

Me: Um, No. That's probably not what I meant.

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