Monday, August 28, 2006

Your thinking Back to School, I'm thinking HALLOWEEN

My name is Micki and I am a rockstaraholic.
I can't wait until this week's show. What have I become. I am, in general, not a huge tv fan. House, CSI, Criminal Minds and even then, I don't catch them weekly. Meh.

In other news:

With October looming closer, our house becomes a frenzy of preparations for the greatest holiday ever. That's right folks. Hallow e'en. This is MY TIME of year.

We've already planned our costumes, some us recently, others have know for months. The boy will be Captain Jack Sparrow, which is apparently different from the Dead Ghost Pirate of Halloween 2005. The girl wishes to be a Mermaid. In keeping with their unintentional theme, we've decided to make the baby a Parrot.

I do not purchase costumes. I make every one from scratch. We've had a Mickey, a Minnie, a Franklin, a ghost (his choice not mine), the tar monster from Scooby Doo 2 (yes folks, my 3 year old son wanted to be big black pile of oozing tar) , a cheetah and a fairy. However, this year, with three small bodies to clothe, I am not adversed to hitting the big WM for a factory made one or the accessories to ease my burden.

As for myself, we are thinking about bringing back the big Halloween Bashes we were famous for. With a bigger house, the idea is very tempting. We had to stop for a couple of years because our old house, just couldn't hold the numbers that showed up.

If we go ahead with this, I will be going as Dilana from RockStar and I will be forcing my husband to go as Tommy Lee. He doesn't know this
He's become a really great sport in relation to my Halloween obsession.

Anyone know where I can get enough fake tattoos to cover two bodies???

Halloween 2005

Yar har, there me matey.

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