Tuesday, August 29, 2006

RockStar Review

Minus all the she said crap , it was a great night for performances. Although, I would love to bop that idiot barbie doll of host over the head a few times. Man,she bugs me.


The way Lucas moves on stage is very cool. I love his jerky movements and wild faces. He rocked Lithium, but I still prefer week 1's version by Dilana.

Magni came back tonight. I loved his gritty angry voice tonight. Amazing.

Ryans was good, but I don' think it was his best. Sometimes I think he tries to hard. The whole dark horse think is a bit much, but he does have a great voice.

The band didn't seem to like Storm, but with Toby backing her, I thought she did great. Mind you, I love Bring me to Life, by Evernesence and I liked her version of it.

Toby is just down right sexy, fun to watch and I love the sound of his voice. Big fan of the bed head style he sports. Out of the guys left, his style seems to best suit the band. IMHO.

Dilana. Dilana. Dilana. Friggin amazing!!! LOVED IT!!!

Botttom Three:
Honestly, I can't decide a third...

Lucas is not my favorite, but he's a huge favorite. I would really like Magni, Toby and Dilana of course to be final three.

That's my two cents whether you want it or not.

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